Have you ever thought, what grades an individual?  Who is he/she? How do they become what they are? Do people really change over time?


Perhaps, the most significant answer to this is in one word, ‘memories’.

An individual in life is influenced by the set of occurrences over a period, which in common is called ‘experience’. And this experience is the qualitative feature that in general is considered as a notion for maturity and precision. It is believed that an individual grows with time to become a more subtle and mature character. I also believed that ageing do bring in these characteristics, but only apprehensively.

Is it really that a person is only dependent on time malleability to gain wisdom or is there something more hideous than the pretense. There is more actually…………………………………………………………………      

Isn’t this so called ‘experience’ solely accumulation of ‘memories’, which gradually compiled somewhere in the inner self of the entity over a period; yes almost certainly. It is the memories that compile a man to functionality; the sort of memories accumulated decides the maturity and character, whereas age is merely a number.

An individual analyzes his memories accumulated over a period of time to relate factually. Therefore, memories hold as being one of the strongest aspects in constituting our individuality. Memories can be good or awful, immense or petite and affects one accordingly, but is also the prime factor which crafts our fantasies, distinct our personalities, makes our attitude and beliefs. They are so important in life; it is because of them that we can cherish our best phase, childhood and the most exciting phase, youth, later in life.

Archiving of memories is an automatic phenomenon and it is usual to deal with good ones and get mesmerized, or employ the bad ones to reach melancholy state of mind. This is where senses of human nature comes to rescue, if an individual tries to utilize, their fine memories to relish and motivate himself to dream big; and the bad ones in pretext to the future references to amend their fallacies, everything would be fine enough to have lumps of good satiated life. You can’t eradicate bad memories by any means*; if a machine could have, it would be the costliest. So what’s the point of remorse on past, but instead take it as an ‘experience’ and to move on to find the better prospective. If you do so, you are ‘alive’.

It is irrepressible for a person to ignore their ‘memories’, and it should never be the case. One cannot fathom the twinge of those people who lost their memories, and are bound to live aimless, needless kind of life; subsequently their everyday becomes a struggle from the scratch.    

                                           So, emote those archives of yours and mould them to ‘experience’ the essence of beauty bestowed by god, and recognize the fact that the good and the bad was bound to happen,it was written somewhere only to make you a better person and for a better tomorrow than yesterday, because, if your tomorrow isn’t better than the past, then, think are you really living?

[P.S. – *Research though claims to erase memories through various means like shock treatments etc., still it is not clearly evident.]


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