Lessons from the morning !

Every day I wake to a mind as fresh as the waking sun, but it’s rare for me when I could sneak on to the terrace to convene with it.

Have you ever faced the waking sun, feeling the fresh rays of it with closed eyes and open arms, sensing the warmth from it penetrating deep inside you, deep into the skin, the flesh, the soul? Isn’t it the god’s love for us through nature to purify ourselves frequently from all the evils and insecurities accumulated the prior day? Isn’t it that those fresh rays help to defy the demons inside us? I take it as a spa to rejuvenate ourselves from the inside; just as a poet does through his poetry, defying the demons of the world and preaching beauty. 

Those early mornings when I could make it to the terrace certainly etch me to peace and harmony, and convey the call of god to be wise, feel good and love the world around me.