Don’t you think of any day?
Where you could be anyway
Move to the sky when it’s blue
Jump on the clouds and walk them through
Fly with the birds in the air
Witness Mother Nature from their view
Talk to the winds and hear their cry
Rest beneath the trees in their hue
Wake to alluring sunshine on your face
Walk on the grass barefoot, filled with dew
Swim with the fishes and lead their way
Watch sparrows build their home with hay
Kiss the roses and make them shy
Feel those green fields before they dry
Run into the breeze with outstretched arms
Smash all rules that binge in alarm
Shrink your plight and give life a boon
Make your fence till stars and moon
Have your dreams and let them flare
Hold your breath and give world a glare
Give meager a bread or make it two
Mark my words you will feel content too
Blow your sly and thump it to wood
Be wise and try to strive for good
Hope to get this petty one day
The day these words would make their way
Probably it would be in the month of May
Where you could be anyway……….

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