Shades of Life


Sometimes you hinder

Looking in your past

May be scratching a memoir

Sometimes you slither

                                                                In the journey of future

Craving for those dreams

Are these paradigms

Or a mirror bent?


The lone chore absent

  Sacred is the past and so is the future

     Sacred is today with all the couture

Spirits are dark or bright rife

   You may lie to yourself and un-follow

The Shades of life.


30 thoughts on “Shades of Life

  1. This is a great poem. I really love the emphasis on all times and seasons being sacred. We must live in the past, nor the future, but live in today. The past serves to be a teacher, the future gives us goals to strive for, but we must keep our feet on the ground and live in the present. That’s all we really have. To admire the beauty around us, and appreciate all that life has to teach us and offer us today.
    A truly wonderful poem.

  2. Another amazing sketch. You have such an amazing talent of drawing, keep up the great work. Such a great message in the writing, we must appreciate our past, present and future. Learning from our past blooms our present and our actions in the present grow us into a better human being in future.

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