A Heart’s Desire

If a story promises to be fantasy with sci-fi elements and romance in its bed, it worth waiting. Few days to 31st July 2015 for the release of ‘A Heart’s Desire’, an ebook self published by Maira Bakenova, an author, blogger. Wish her good luck in her endeavour


Evelyn wishes to know the exact time and date of meeting with the love of her life. Her heart’s desire takes her millions of light years away from home, when a deadly virus starts spreading across the universe, freezing the hearts that are yet to find true love…

Hello, my fellow bloggers!

I am very excited to announce…drumroll please… my very first self-published ebook!

Teal & Copper (ebook)MairaBakenova

‘A Heart’s Desire’ is a romance/fantasy short story with sci-fi elements. Available on July 31.

This is just something I’ve always wanted to try, something I can now cross off my bucket list… something a bit different from poetry, which is what this blog is mostly about.

I am beyond grateful for all the attention you’ve given to my blog, for all your likes and the words of encouragement and appreciation. I met amazing, talented people here, and it is a great honour…

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