It’s not always that I intend to be a poet or a writer or an artist or a guitarist or a sportsperson or something exceptional, I just want to do things that are categorically positive, almost everything, and that is what makes me surgical. That’s why may be I dwell between cynicism and realism all the time, quarrel in my own mind, in my own tusk, lunge between what I want to do and what I think, and that makes me critical.

I consider myself to be partly materialistic and the other part abhors the materialistic side of me coz it demands too much. I almost every day meet people who shags on materialism, the propriety of society and its flavors and almost every day don’t get them, but still have a sense of respect for them coz atleast they are not baffled personalities and know what they want from life, no matter it may eventually be redundant, but still is acceptable. They feel pleasure in discs, at parties, at museum, movies, eating etc. and I too feel the same, but then that pleasure is not absolute, coz may be that ‘absolute’ pleasure exist only in love or don’t exist at all.

And then I pause, stalk my thoughts a bit, wave the poetic and un-poetic versions of me and pray, God bless us, bless us all. May there be love for everyone and then there will be clarity.

P.s. Hopefully I had made some brains, because if I didn’t its deterrent many a times I don’t.


41 thoughts on “CLARITY!

  1. “partly materialistic and the other part abhors the materialistic side..” That’s me!! I can totally relate to it. I need designer bags and shoes but also want to help the poor and the downtrodden. Guess the answer is to find a perfect balance! 😊

  2. Hey Saaransh, first of all I would like to say that I love the way you brought this out into your post. At first, I didn’t really understand the sketch much, but then as I took a longer look, I noticed that it looks like an abstract image of someone scratching their head. I guess I saw that because of the mention of ‘brains’ hahaha. Is that what you meant to do here? I could be just seeing things, but now that I’ve mentioned it, do you notice it? hehehe.
    Anyhow, “They feel pleasure in discs, at parties, at museum, movies, eating etc. and I too feel the same, but then that pleasure is not absolute, coz may be that ‘absolute’ pleasure exist only in love or don’t exist at all.”
    –I used to be a lot more materialistic when I was younger. I guess that with age (not that I’m that old or anything), my experiences and the shaping of my world view, I do find more pleasure in the simple things. The material serves it’s purpose and can bring a brief sense of pleasure, but nothing compared to waking up on a sunny day, spending time with my family, hugging and investing in my kids, going to the beach, hearing some good music while I’m cleaning the house, etc. All of these things are immaterial, and simple pleasures. They are what really make up life. But as you mentioned, a life without love is no life at all. Humanity was made for relationship – connection. And without that, life is empty. Yes, all these simple pleasures are not absolute, but there is definitely absolute love. And there’s nothing like it.
    This is an awesome post, my friend. Hope you had a great weekend and that you have a wonderful week ahead.

    • Thank u Staci, u always r so kind and supportive and I really appreciate ur lovely comment……..n yeah u got the sketch right even if the ‘brain’ helped…hahaha…it was all I could manage portraying the Delphic side of me with the constraints of dark n darker shades of susceptibility .
      Anyway I just loved u mentioning the sun, family, ur kids, beach, music they are simple pleasure but intrinsic and makes in an entity……u have such acuity which makes me largely believe in ur motherhood… and hopefully u’ll take ur kid for an ice cream or something this weekend…lolzz….stay happy have a great week 

      • Oh yes, you can be sure that I’ll take them for ice cream. We did that on Saturday, and I’m quite sure will do it again this weekend. Seems to be our family treat (hehe).

        Thank you so much Saaransh, for such sweet words.

        Hahahaha @ ‘Delphic side’ of you. So you have a Delphic side eh… I guess we all do to some extent.

        You have a great week too.

  3. Very profound thought and intrinsically articulated thoughts, deeper are the meaning, yes we all oscillate between the realism and cynicism. The tussle is what keeps us move from one orbit to next when we are able to conquer that part of our mind. The success in life and otherwise comes only with clarity of thought, and that never easy. And we are lost in the maze of life and constantly searching the right path and the direction.
    Indeed triggered a new perspective.

  4. Ur thoughts about life is beutifuĺ n a device of defence for mental peàce.i thiñk how do thèy who has no such divices,live.ur all skecthes n urdu poems is meaningful n livelyness n m wandering in those world where r love n only love.

  5. Such love hás not anytype,coulor or features coz love is only love ás truth is truth .it has clarity.ifeel like u.pyaar ko pyaar hi rahne do; ise koi naam na do……

  6. “Partially materialistic and other side abhors it”, well I could totally relate to it. Wonderful thought and the drawing, are you a born artist or trained in it? Take care and keep up the great work.

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