I get drown in me

In the lusty breeze of sea

in dilemma of an untamed mind

whenever I seek precision

In bewilderment of my identity

lynching in the crises of life

heading nowhere but in oblivion

I get drown in me

In thrust of this unkempt world

In its lies and squabble

Recluse and babble

when people suck me dry

and I hold nothing to offer

then I lay spent under the night sky

to let the stars induce in torrential

I get drown in me

when I witness the hex of a setting sun

its yellow, its orange, its red

swallowing my hideous dark demons

and spitting out a soul unchurned

I get drown in me

when I remember those eyes

those brown celestial ones

that once confessed love, pure and proper

but mugged me and left undone

I get drown in me

When I decide to rush

to the cosmos, in its lacuna

searching a portal that

embrace me with my frothy matter

bestowing some rustic peace

somewhere I really belong!

52 thoughts on “DROWN

  1. I am usually not pretty appreciative, but this poem is ‘one of the best reads’ in last months. Poet has carefully picked words and slotted them so well in right spots. The portrait gives the feel of every word of yours. The key sentence ‘I get drown in me’ itself may seem grammatically inappropriate but this adds to beauty of the poet’s abstract thoughts. 10/10.

    • m more than overwhelmed sir ..thank u…I appreciate u commenting …….and whooping 10/10…haha a bit too much for my recluse perhaps……….and i wud like to tell u i really appreciate ur style of writing and wanna read more of ur stuff

  2. Saaransh, what a powerful outpouring of inner turmoil and an existential crisis. And your sketches are always great. This one is soooooo perfect for the title and body of your poem. I know that many can and will relate to this.
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  3. Bhai, aapke drawing ka toh main already fan hun hi magar aapki writing ka bhi ho gaya aaj se. “I get drown in me, in the lusty breeze of sea”, simply beautiful hai yeh. Keep up the great work. Take care and stay blessed bhai 😊.

  4. Quite profound, yes we all undergone this inner tussle of how to face the external struggle we keep facing day in and day out, life is never easy and we need space and place to to fight out these challenges and live life with grace and gratitude…powerful reflection of inner thoughts.

  5. The sketch is completely with feel bro.. Hats off.. The way the head is been held, it tells a lot.. And poems, I am speechless, it’s just marvelous. Perfect. Many of us search for a portal in which we can know where we belong.. Great piece bro.. Bit late for me to see these.. Have a good weekend bro..

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