Why is she so good?

Why can’t she be rude, manipulative, and hunter as the world has been to me? Why she carries my burden as her own? Why her eyes express love to me till the death of the moon? Why she pauses for my insanity? Why her eyes role back on my imprudent jokes and yet she laughs on them to make me smile. Why does her face swell up in gratitude whenever I present her even a petite rose? Why does she hold my hand all the time as if preserving me from wandering? Her actions exclaim a kind hold for all of my inhibitions, my failures, my reveries, and my futile wisdom. Why she still has that ring made of a candy wrapper, which ingenuously I did years ago. Why she caresses my hair whenever I lay my head on her lap talking naively about my endless desires.

Is she an angel everyone desire meekly or a saint or a blessing, I don’t deserve? That touch of her fingertips, her soothing skin, and her brown celestial eyes, her benevolent vocabulary, her magical odor all mazes me to this sulky world. The way she hugs my fallacies with her gracious emotions, leaves me with a tear in my right eye.

Oh the mighty God, give me strength, such that I can scuffle my vacillation, bring out the potent me and can give her what she deserves. The honor, the pride, the imminence of a BEING…

52 thoughts on “BEING…

  1. wonderful sketch like always


    And about the!
    I loved the innocence behind each word
    the simplicity wrapped in each packets
    the immense love and emotions for “she”

    In todays world, when people are occupied each second with the mysteries virtual–ities
    No one is good enough to be good!
    Optimism is like some fairy tale :d

    its wonderful to feel those things in ur art and article!

    They say this happens to everyone”s life.
    Some people enter
    And this changes the wholly you!
    Their presence affects each bit in you
    like a fairy
    like a miracle!
    And they call them “soul-mates”
    who set their presence in the soul
    which is eternal!



    have a nyc day my friend
    and keep smiling

    stay loved n blessed ✌

    • Jyotee ur comment is fabulous, m awestruck …u brought every aspect profoundly…..Thank u my friend, I really appreciate ur words πŸ™‚
      May u have a wonderful week …Stay happy

  2. That was one emotion packed post… Each sentence bringing out the beauty effortlessly.
    About the sketch, the strokes in hair amazing πŸ™‚
    Well done Saaransh πŸ™‚

  3. What a wonderful representation of dissatisfaction in love.
    I think a guilty conscious can make extremely creative pieces of writing.The power packing of emotions can be so intense that even the reader almost starts to feel like he ought to love her as much as he can as well πŸ˜€
    Great work and again a wonderful sketch!
    /O\ maan gye boss! πŸ˜€

  4. Lovely sketch and writing! I felt like I was witnessing the scene myself, thanks to the imagery. And I also felt a longing for such a guy to really exist πŸ˜› Thanks for a good read my friend! πŸ™‚

    • Ahh thank u Lubna…I love seeing u here and ur comments always hurl me πŸ™‚
      ‘Being…’ happened in 15 mins. deep in a night when I felt wat cringe of love shall be….. when a guy shud b man enuf to feel love morally from a girl, as love is merely shallow without morals.

      • “Love is merely shallow without morals”. I wish everyone understood that! Thanks for letting people know Saaransh, and the visit to your blog is always a happy and heartwarming one. πŸ™‚

  5. β€œBeing…” is wonderfully heartfelt throughout. I love your description of the divinely benevolent β€œshe” that loves unconditionally. Adore the following line, β€œWhy she still has that ring made of a candy wrapper” it’s so charming and endearing. Beautifully written and your artwork is fantastic. Please take good care. ~ Mia

  6. Awwwwwww, this is filled with such genuine feeling and appreciation of, who seems to be, such a precious individual in your life Saaransh. I’m hope she knows how great and how deep your love for her goes. It sounds like you have known her since you were a child, and that is soooooo sweet. Love the idea of the candy wrapper ring. Sounds like it comes straight out of a movie. Love this line, “The way she hugs my fallacies”.
    Of course, the sketch is lovely. So playful. I would love to have a head of hair like that. Haha.
    Have a wonderful weekend Saaransh..

    • Ah Staci, I wish ‘she’ to be true πŸ˜€ but ‘Being’ is jst a piece of fiction till now.
      haha…Yea the candy wrapper ring is something in my mind since long, hope I do it for someone someday.

      Ur hair seems to be so much in parallel to it…it wud awesome if u cud click something like that πŸ˜€
      Thank U Staci for all the wonders u bring to me……I appreciate ur presence…Have a great weekend my friend πŸ™‚

      • Really? It sounded so real. Awwww, your princess will come some day. I’m confident you will treat her like a princess too. Give her that simple candy wrapper ring and all that ‘she deserves.’ Just make sure that she is worthy of someone like you that will love and care for her with sincerity and loyalty.
        Hahahaha. My hair is too short to do all that flingy stuff. Hahaha. I would love to have healthy thick flowy hair, but my hair is so fine. Fine like a baby’s hair. If I let it grow, it just looks lifeless. 😦 . Only in my dreams would I be able to do that with my hair. Hahaha.
        Off to dream.
        Have a wonderful Sunday Saaransh.

      • I hope too that m fortunate enuf that ‘she’ walks my path sometime….I want the universe to conspire and let me meet her …lolzzzz…too sulky I guess πŸ˜›
        hahaha…..dreams do come true Staci…u r too full of life urself, may b thats why everything else associated 2 u might look lifeless 2 u when it isn’t πŸ™‚
        Have a grt week ahead πŸ˜€

  7. It’s difficult to find such person that lives in your words… Such beauty and innocence in the character. It’s a rare trait now. With the decreasing levels of real communication people like this is like breath of fresh air in a polluted environment… Loved every word!Keep it up

  8. Loved it!! So much passion inside, and a deep yearning for true and celibate affection.
    Dajena πŸ™‚

  9. Wow. . Bhai she is so beautiful. She is not a sketch anymore. Your words have given her a life and your touch has made her angelic. Bhai you are awesome, no words to describe the poem. Just love the hair strokes. .

    You are a gem Bhai. Good going! Stay blessed. Have a good day. πŸ™‚

  10. I am falling really deep with your sketches and how your lines cuddle the sketches,,,, this one got me like,,,if a bloke soul is writing about this kind of a lady,,,then the lady sure does exist,,,

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