….. A Famous Fantasy



When wicked emotions

brushes the pulp of my heart

Taking the taste of

that sickening saline flavour


and the name chants despondency

Fickling the vicious saint in me

sodomizing the end, to be anxious of

the momentarily struggle, that seems


Licking the thickened walls of my eardrums

Sweltering the sheet of my nerves

Beholding to heel myself penultimate

perhaps on a famous fantasy called


60 thoughts on “….. A Famous Fantasy

  1. Wonderful poem Saaransh, stunning! “…A Famous Fantasy” has fantastic imagery throughout, I especially like, “brushes the pulp of my heart”. The artwork is outstanding, as always, you’re very talented. Beautiful presentation. Please enjoy your weekend, may it be filled with inspiration and creativity. Wishing you well. ~ Mia

  2. Wow! What an intensely passionate write Saaransh. Where did you get your inspiration for this one?
    Of course art piece is amazing. Super cool actually.
    How are ya, by the way? I’ve been on a break from WordPress. I’ve been writing a book and it takes up a lot of time.
    Please have an amazing weekend, my friend.

  3. Wow bhai. . The words! ❤ Wonderful emotions you have displayed through the Poem. Fantasy at its best. And the sketch is beautiful as always bhai. The emotions you put in images is awesome. Good work.

    Happy Sunday bhai. 🙂

  4. I m jus looking at that art!

    I wonder wat she is trying to engulf
    or is she consumed
    she looks wondrous
    and wonder is
    she seems wondering
    and wandering
    among wonders!

    Alas! Saaransh

    Art is a wonder

    thanks for clarifying it wit a wonderful poem


  5. Wow this is deep and full of emotions! Someone’s getting really passionate. Would like to read more of these…. And I hope you’re doing fine. Tc

  6. Ha!! That was an interesting poem!! Didn’t expect you to be talking about Love, until the end. And that Artwork!! Wowza!!!!! It’s Brilliant!! You’ve captured the emotions with near perfection!! Love it!!

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